Amongst the birds, beasts and legendary heroes of popular Japanese tattoo subjects Hamish Mclauchlan has built a reputation for some of the most compelling large scale tattoo work to ever come out of New Zealand. Widely recognised for his dynamic compositions and striking colour combinations his work is sought after by an established clientele for his western take on Japanese tattooing. His work has been published in several books and magazines including international publications; “Done with Electricity” 2010 and “The Fingerwave Book 2” 2014. Although the majority of Hamish’s work are large scale, multiple sitting pieces he still loves to do smaller work as well.

“I’d like to thank Dean and Dan at Sacred Tattoo, Adam Craft at The Tattooed Heart, Stefan Sinclair at Two Hands Tattoo and Stewart ‘Eddie’ Fretwell for providing the opportunity and environment to learn the craft of Tattooing through hard work, dedication and perseverance.”


Hamish McLauchlan